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Money Management Software, Personal Finance Software - RichOrPoor RichOrPoor is a full-featured money management software package for individuals, families, and small businesses. It helps you track income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and much more. Our personal finance software gives you over 30 reports so you can get the total picture of your finances. RichOrPoor helps you to manage nearly every aspect of your finances including checking, savings, credit cards, cash, investment, budget, and more.

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Latest Version: 3.22
Price: $29.95
Requirements: Windows 8/7/XP/Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)

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Why choose RichOrPoor Money Software?

Rich Variety of Reports and Charts
Our personal finance software gives you a wide range of customizable charts and reports so you can view all aspects of your finances. Create reports on income and expenses, assets and liabilities, and much more.

Easy to Use
RichOrPoor money management software is both intuitive and easy-to-use. Navigate easily through the program to find exactly what you want.

Multiple Account Types
Support Savings, Checking, Bank, Cash, Credit Card, Asset, Liability, Creditor's Rights, Investment, and other account types. For investment accounts, you can also set its associated cash accounts.

Real-time Understanding of Financial Conditions
RichOrPoor lets you see your financial status at-a-glance letting you see income for the last month, expenses for the same period, current assets and liabilities, and so on. RichOrPoor also gives you a range of charts to help you understand your finances more intuitively.

Clearer "Liability" and "Creditor's Rights" Management
You can set up "Liability" and "Creditor's Right" accounts, and both borrowing and lending can be input as financial transactions; you can track the creditors and debtors of each transaction.

Develop Budgets
RichOrPoor personal finance software helps you to budget by the month, quarter, or year.

Secure Financial Information
Our money management software lets you password protect your data so no one can access your financial information.

Key Benefits

  • Help you know about your assets and liabilities, so that you can be aware of your financial conditions.
  • Help you know about your income and expenses so that you can adjust your expenditure plan and improve your consumption habits.
  • Help you develop a budget so that you can estimate your financial conditions after one month, one quarter or one year.
  • Help you develop a payment and collection calendar for you to foot bills in time so that you can keep good credit records.
  • Help you know who owes me money and whom I owe money, repay money in time to keep good creditability.
  • Help students and kids to develop a good habit for wealth management, so that they will know not only how to earn money, but also how to manage money!
  • Help you manage personal and family finances so that you and your family can live a better life!

Download RichOrPoor Now (Size: 5049K) Buy Now