Top Ten Reasons to Choose RichOrPoor

Personal Financial Management Software - RichOrPoorYou can find many kinds of personal financial management software, but we believe firmly that RichOrPoor will fit you better because of the following top ten reasons.

1. Recognition from Authoritative Software Editor

RichOrPoor has satisfied many demanding authoritative software editors with its powerful functions, professional performance and user-friendly features.

These are part of the awards won by RichOrPoor:

5 Stars rating by
5 Stars rating by VISTA-FILES.ORG
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5 Cups rating by DownloadsCafe
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Editor's choice Rating by Redsofts

2. Recognition from our users

Likewise, RichOrPoor is also well accepted by its users. We will keep improving and enhancing our product to meet your future demands.

Comments on the software from some of our users:

Thank you for developing this suite of personal financial management software - RichOrPoor. I am an user of the registered edition, and I feel that is always good to use. - wygift
After I tried RichOrPoor, I feel that the software has comprehensive functions, and simple operations, so I decided to become a user of the formal edition. - hsb
I am a registered user of RichOrPoor. I have used it for one month, overall speaking it is very good, and all functions I need are provided. - mentofisher
I like RichOrPoor because it is simple but practical. - wyqwxq
I am a loyal user of RichOrPoor, and it is always nice. - David
I have just downloaded RichOrPoor from Internet, and I feel that it has good functions - quakecs
Frankly speaking, RichOrPoor is very good personal finance mangement software. I have used multiple kinds of personal financial software, and I am satisfied with RichOrPoor. - djum

We also look forward to your comment .

3. Competitive Price: RichOrPoor has powerful functions and provides over 33 kinds of reports and charts as well as over 9 types of accounts so that you can manage your financial information easily and know about your financial conditions at any time. The price of the software is only $29.95 per suite (Personal License).

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4. 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: There is a 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on RichOrPoor, even though you also have 30 days to try it for free before registering! The 30-day money-back period starts at the time of registration. If you buy now you will be enjoying all the benefits of the registered version within minutes!

5. 2 years of free updates: We also provide 2 years of free upgrading service for the registered users of RichOrPoor! This means that what you buy is not only one version of RichOrPoor but multiple versions! We have been perfecting our products according to the requirements of our users!

6. 30 days of trial without any functional limits: are you annoyed that the software you are trying has too much functional restrictions to meet your demands and have a comprehensive assessment? Now you can download RichOrPoor without any functional limits and you can try it for 30 days to experience the benefits and changes that RichOrPoor brings to you!

7. Years of R&D experience for personal and family finance software: Shortcutsoft, Inc. is a professional personal finance software provider with over 5 years of experience in developing personal and family finance software; our users are in many countries and regions across the world; and we will keep enhancing the functionality and user friendliness of the software product to meet the demands of our users.

8. Easy to Use: As powerful as the software is, it is easy to use. The personal financial management software provides clear navigation designed to help you switch to different financial operation interfaces quickly; you can choose displaying different financial reports at any time; at the "Account Register" module, you can input different types of financial transactions quickly, and you can even input them directly in the lists.

9. Rich Variety of Reports and Charts: The personal financial software provides over 33 customizable charts and reports, so that you can grasp your financial conditions such as assets and liabilities, income and expenses, investments, and budgets etc; with the provided reports and charts you can even track the income and expenses related to specific personnel, category, or classification.

10. Multiple Account Types: Support Savings, Checking, Bank, Cash, Credit Card, Asset, Liability, Creditor's Rights, Investment and other account types. For investment accounts, you can also set its associated cash accounts.

It is strongly recommended to download and try RichOrPoor immediately and compare it with similar software and then make your own choice!

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