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Chart of The Day: You can clearly know "Current Assets and Liabilities", "Income and Expenses for Last Month", "Income and Expenses for Last 30 Days", "Income and Expenses for Current Month", "Current Assets", "Current Liabilities", "Income for Last Month", "Income for Last 30 Days", "Income for Current Month", "Expenses for Last Month", "Expenses for Last 30 Days", "Expenses for Current Month" and so on.
Chart of The Day

Input financial transactions: The financial transactions can be divided into two categories. One is the transaction of bank or cash account. It in general has three types: income, expense and transfer. The second is the transaction of investment account whose types are buy, sell, dividend, reinvest dividend, interest, reinvest interest, other income, other expense, increase, decrease, transfer and so on.
Input financial transactions

Input scheduled transactions: In your daily life, there are quite a lot scheduled transactions such as the expiration of the fixed deposit, insurance payment and drawing insurance etc. After inputting these scheduled transactions, it will remind you when a certain transaction is on the brink of expiration. You also can enter those scheduled transactions into Account Register.
Input scheduled transactions

Create New Account: Support Savings, Checking, Bank, Cash, Credit Card, Asset, Liability, Creditor's Rights, Investment and other account types. For investment accounts, you can also set its associated cash accounts.
Create New Account

Account Details:
Account Details

Investment Details:
Investment Details

"Where the Money Goes" Report:
"Where the Money Goes" Report

"Net Worth" Chart:
"Net Worth" Chart

Payee Details:
Payee Details

Category Details:
Category Details

Classification Details:
Classification Details

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