RichOrPoor Screen Shots

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RichOrPoor Home: It is the main interface. On the left, you can see "Chart of The Day". On the top right, you also can see your own current assets, current liabilities, income for last month, expenses for last month, income for curr month, expenses for curr month, income for today, expenses for today etc.
RichOrPoor Home

Account Register: This module is used to enter financial transactions and it is similar to the account book in families. Here you can input the income, expense, transfer or other transactions of bank or cash account, and also can input the investment account transactions such as buy, sell, dividend, reinvest dividend, interest, reinvest interest, other income, other expense, increase, decrease, transfer and others. As to bank or cash account, you can adjust balance; as to investment account, you can view and update the price and split shares.
Account Register

Payment Calendar: This module is used to input and view the scheduled transactions. You can input the scheduled income, scheduled expense, scheduled transfer and other transactions.
Payment Calendar

Account Manager: It is used to manage accounts. Here you can view the current accounts in different ways and create accounts, delete accounts or modify the names of the accounts.
Account Manager

Investment Manager: This module is used to manage investments. Here you can see and know each investment account and each investment. If you select the way of showing investment accounts, then you can see the latest price and quantity of the investments and also can see the balance of the associated cash account. In the investment manager, you can directly input the different investment transactions and also can view and update the price and split shares.
Investment Manager

Reports & Charts: This module show all types of report and chart. As to "My Favorites", you can modify the report or chart name and delete it.
Reports & Charts

Payees & Categories: It is used to manage payees, categories and classifications. You can view, create, modify and delete them. You can also go to the modules "Payee Details", "Category Details" and "Classification Details" to view the different information.
Payees & Categories

Budget: In this module, you can customize your own budgets. You can view, set and modify the budgets of all the categories and subcategories every month. Additionally you can set budgets quickly with the transaction average before.

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